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About Bambini

BAJO has been involved in a European project called Bambini, developing the idea of sustainable mobility toys. Bambini is a future-oriented program. The idea behind the project is to prepare future generations for logical and economical energy use. The products developed as part of the Bambini project are designed to balance the ubiquitous model of a car as a motif directed at children and parents. Te project is aimed at decision-makers, educators and teachers and is expected to motivate them to change the ways streets, playgrounds, school and nursery grounds are designed and shaped. It also aims to encourage gradual change of mentality and to break with the “car civilization” idea by making people aware of the pleasure and benefits of switching to more economical means of transport.

Bambini project  aims to increase the presence of soft mobility in the lives of small children and to motivate parents to use car-free mobility to achieve internalisation of eco-friendly means of transport from early on.


More information about Bambini project :   www.mobile-bambini.eu